Runtz bags come in different packaging and different quantities. There are bags that can carry or hold a pound, an ounce a quater pound, the runtz bag 3.5 and many more. They come in different designs and labeling and are very portable to suit every body. Runtz bags are present in white runtz bags, pink runtz bags, banana runtz, devine runtz, hawaiian runtz, and gruntz which are all available in our store. Mylar bags makes one of the best and most durable runtz bag in the market. These runtz bags gives a consumer alot of flexibilty and brings innovation and beauty to the cannabis industry. You now have the freedom and possibity to buy any runtz strain packaged in bags or cans or better still in its raw, naked form Buy runtz bags online in any flavor , buy runtz USA, buy runtz CANADA, buy runtz EUROPE, buy runtz AUSTRALIA, buy runtz SOUTH AMERICA. our packaging is done by runtz mylar bag.

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