Runtz bags come in different packaging and different quantities. There are bags that can carry or hold a pound, an ounce a quater pound, the runtz bag 3.5 and many more. They come in different designs and labeling and are very portable to suit every body. Runtz bags are present in white runtz bags, pink runtz bags, banana runtz, devine runtz, hawaiian runtz, and gruntz which are all available in our store. Mylar bags makes one of the best and most durable runtz bag in the market. These runtz bags gives a consumer alot of flexibilty and brings innovation and beauty to the cannabis industry. You now have the freedom and possibity to buy any runtz strain packaged in bags or cans or better still in its raw, naked form Buy runtz bags online in any flavor , buy runtz USA, buy runtz CANADA, buy runtz EUROPE, buy runtz AUSTRALIA, buy runtz SOUTH AMERICA. our packaging is done by runtz mylar bag.

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Banana Runtz is an evenly balanced hybrid strain of sativa and indica created through crossing the classic Zkittles X Gelato strains. If you looking for a super sweet candy flavor, you've got it with Banana runtz. The strain has a sweet, sugary and candy taste with hints of ripe banana and just a touch of black pepper too. Banana runtz has a high level of potency wiht an average THC level of 20%-2


Divine runtz is the new hybrid runtz  strain and it is grown either indoor or outdoors. Divine Runtz has that sweet, candy-like taste and flavor like the typical runtz. Its potency is high with 26% THC and less than 2% CBD.


Pink Runtz, is another cross between Gelato x Zkittles phenotype. It is a hybrid strain and has a 50:50 ratio of both indica and sativa so it gives you the best of both worlds. The “pink” in the name comes from the exotic flavors the strain offers that are more reminiscent of the Runtz candy than the other two phenotypes. Pink Runtz also has a much better smell  than the other two. Pink Runtz is the better choice if you prefer a flavor-forward strain.


Cookies labs in collaboration with runtz, came out with the Runtz OG .  It is a hybrid strain which is Sativa dominant, the nug produces thick resin layers which makes extremely potent and the outcome of the effects are good


Runtzrocks is a 5 layer moonrock designed by runtz farm. Made with exotic flowers of different  strains. Runtzrock is preferably made with indica flowers, cbd oil, kief and THC shattered crystals.


Runtz comes from crossing Zkittles and Gelato.  It can either be a sativa-dominant or indica-dominant hybrid strain because there are different types of phenotypes. The runtz strain has a sweet, candy like taste and smell and it equally bears hints of tropical citrus and wood. This bud has a dense grape-shaped olive green nugs with thin orange hairs, dark purple undertones and a coating of frosty tiny white, purple-tinted crystal trichomes. Also, runtz is perfect in treating conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, chronic stress, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea  and depression . It has a smooth, thick and creamy smoke that is enjoyable and gives you a premium feeling.


White runtz is another phenotype of the Gelato and Zkittles strain. White Runtz is named White Runtz for its candy-like flavor and massive amounts of silvery-white trichomes that cover the flowers entirely. These resinous trichomes show a decent uptick in potency and it is one of the most powerful phenotype of runtz. The THC level of this strain is at 23% to 24% that gives off a long-lasting high for those smoking it.